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April 2000Vol. 1, No. 2New Training in Cultural Competence for Child Welfare Workers

Child welfare professionals have a new opportunity to obtain training in cultural competency. The organization Black Administrators in Child Welfare (BACW) has developed a 4-day seminar for human services staff titled "A Journey Toward Cultural Competence." The training, designed for groups of 15 to 25 employees, focuses on the following areas:

  • Awareness of cultural diversity (racial and cultural barriers, ethnocentric reactions)
  • Knowledge of cultural diversity (development of racial identity, psychosocial history of racial groups
  • Skills in cultural competence (development of trust and rapport, self-assessment of cultural competency)
  • Cross-cultural encounters (role-playing, practical approaches, personal action plans).

Each day of the seminar can be presented as a separate module. For information, visit BACW's website at or contact either of the following individuals:

Joyce Johnson
Tel.: 202-942-0244
Fax: 202-638-4004

Julyette Berry
Tel. and Fax: 202-529-4675

BACW also will assess agencies for their current level of cultural competence and make recommendations for improvements. The comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Analysis of programs and policies
  • Staff and board mix
  • Administrative procedures
  • Governance structure
  • Service history with targeted consumers and communities

For more information, call 202-529-4675 or visit the BACW website.