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November 2000Vol. 1, No. 7To Grandmother's House We Go and Stay: Perspectives on Custodial Grandparents

Springer Series on Lifestyles and Issues in Aging. Cox, C. B. (Editor) Springer Publishing Company, Inc. 2000. 347 pages, $44.95.

As more grandparents assume responsibility for raising their grandchildren, experts work to develop policies and interventions to support them. In this book social workers, lawyers, psychologists, and other professionals report on issues facing grandparent caregivers, and present their research findings:

  • Why more grandparents are rearing grandchildren
  • Profiles of grandparent caregivers in the United States
  • Health, social support, psychological costs, and risks of grandparent caregiving
  • Welfare reform, legal status issues, and permanency planning
  • Grandparents raising children affected by HIV/AIDS and incarceration
  • Support groups, empowerment, schooling, and community interventions.

To purchase a copy, contact:
Springer Publishing Company, Inc.
536 Broadway
New York, NY 10012-3955
Phone: 212-431-4370
Fax: 212-941-7842