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September 2000Vol. 1, No. 6Adoption Guide Aimed at Educators

As children head back to school, professionals and parents might want to add An Educator's Guide to Adoption to their resource list.

The 22-page guide published by Celebrate Adoption, Inc., aims to:

  • Help teachers understand how families are built by adoption
  • Share research findings on adoptees' success in school and in life
  • Provide resources for integrating accurate information about adoption into lessons when appropriate
  • Help teachers respond when awkward situations related to adoption issues arise
  • Suggest positive language to use when talking about adoption.

Celebrate Adoption, Inc., is a coalition of birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted persons who aim to improve public understanding and acceptance of adoption.

Single copies of An Educator's Guide to Adoption cost $7.50. Contact:

Celebrate Adoption, Inc.
P.O. Box 2213
Silver Spring, MD 20915
Website: (Editor's note: this link is no longer available.)

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