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November/December 2001Vol. 2, No. 6Children's Bureau Unveils Adoption Month Site for 2001

Adoption professionals across the United States should plan to make a virtual trip this November to the new National Adoption Month site, sponsored by the Children's Bureau at index.cfm.

Starting November 1, 2001, visitors can browse the site for information about the national observance, which has been celebrated annually since 1993 to focus attention on the more than 134,000 children in the child welfare system waiting to be adopted. The site features the President's annual proclamation about National Adoption Month and information on National Adoption Day, celebrated this year on November 17.

A calendar of suggestions for promoting adoption awareness is available on the home page in PDF and HTML formats. Three new buttons direct users to resources for kids, resources for parents and teachers, and information on how to adopt.

The National Adoption Month site is managed by the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse ( To order Clearinghouse Adoption Month materials featured on the site, call 1-888-251-0075.

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