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November/December 2001Vol. 2, No. 6Newly Modified APHSA Database to Assist with ICPC

With a 3-year adoption opportunities grant from the Children's Bureau, the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) was tasked with facilitating, expediting, and improving the implementation of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), which governs the interstate movement of children for foster care, adoption, residential treatment, or juvenile justice programs. An automated reporting and tracking database, the most recent product for this initiative, was recently distributed to seven States and a training session was held.

Using a baseline database system created by the State of Indiana, APHSA contracted with Caliber Associates in Fairfax, Virginia, to modify the system (based on what information already existed and what was needed), document and test the system, and provide initial training. Input from ICPC users was used in modifying the system to make it user-friendly and applicable to professionals dealing with ICPC.

The database maintains a history of home study requests, the children served, and their placements, in addition to all transmittal letters sent and received for each child. It also alerts users if a particular case has overdue reports. Not only will the database develop reports and transmittal letters, but it can also assist in determining where the delays are within the ICPC system in order to enhance its effectiveness.

Brad Boucher, Illinois Interstate Compact Coordinator, was part of the pilot group and has used the system for a few months. "The new database will help people generate national numbers quicker, more efficiently and accurately, and save time." He sees further benefits from the database in eliminating dead files, tracking children who have turned 18, and making the ICPC system simpler.

The database is available to States at no cost. If interested, contact:

Barbara Glaser
Federal Grant Project Manager
810 First Street, NE, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20002-4267
Phone: 202-682-0100

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