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April 2002Vol. 3, No. 3Casey Family Services Releases White Paper on Post-Adoption Services

What post-adoption services should be in place for families? A new white paper from Casey Family Services, "Strengthening Families and Communities: An Approach to Post-Adoption Services," has some recommendations: adoption subsidies for children with special needs; easy access to government-funded mental health services; and technology-enabled support systems for adoptive families.

The Casey document makes these and other recommendations on policies and practices that can help adoptive families maintain stability and permanency. The paper reflects proceedings at a Casey-hosted conference on post-adoption services that took place in December 2000. Participants included State child welfare officials, adoption program managers, judges, State legislators and representatives from court improvement projects, child advocacy organizations, private agency associations, and adoptive parent organizations.

The paper offers the following perspectives on shaping policies to ensure successful adoptions:

  • Services and supports should be available to all adoptive families regardless of type of adoption
  • A network of services and supports ranging from prevention and early intervention services to in-home or residential treatment services should be available in communities
  • Services and supports should be available as needed by adoptive families at various times throughout a child's development.
  • States should track the entry and re-entry to foster care of children adopted via the public child welfare system and other non-public agencies.
  • Adoptive parents and adopted youth and young adults should be engaged in the design and delivery of post-adoption services.

Casey Family Services also suggests that public and private welfare agencies collaborate to educate the public about adoption-related issues and the benefits of post-adoption services.

For a copy of the white paper, contact:

Sarah Greenblatt
Executive Director of the Casey Center for Effective Child Welfare Practice
Casey Family Services
One Corporate Drive, Suite 515
Shelton, CT 06484
Phone: 203-929-3837 or 888-799-KIDS

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