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April 2002Vol. 3, No. 3Organizations Concerned with Child Maltreatment, Family Violence Lauded by Magazine

In December 2001, Worth Magazine published a list of what it considers to be the best human services charities. Included in that list are four organizations of special interest to readers of the Children's Bureau Express:

  • Child Welfare League of America. Spends 88 cents of every dollar on programs (the other 12 cents divided among fund-raising, administration, and future reserves). Focuses on improving the lives of at-risk kids through abuse prevention, youth development, child care, adoption and foster care programs, and programs for pregnant and parenting teens.
  • Family Violence Prevention Fund. Spends 75 cents of every dollar on programs. Works to reduce physical and sexual abuse of women by their partners.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Spends 79 cents of every dollar on programs. Serves battered women and their children. Provides cell phones to be used in crisis situations; provides cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dental work to victims.
  • Prevent Child Abuse America. Spends 57 cents of every dollar on programs. Works to prevent child abuse and neglect; encourages immunizations and well-baby checkups. Formerly known as the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse.

This list in Worth magazine also provides annual revenue, telephone numbers, and Web addresses of these and many other organizations.