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April 2002Vol. 3, No. 3Reducing Child Maltreatment: A Guidebook for Parent Services

Lutzker, John R.; Bigelow, Kathryn M. Guilford Publications, Inc., New York, NY. 2002. 231pp. $30.00. Paperback.

Based on 20 years of research and practice with over 1,500 families at risk for child physical abuse or neglect, the authors show how to help parents improve interactions with children, create safer home environments, and respond effectively to child health care needs. They present step-by-step instructions for assessing and teaching key parenting skills which are proven to prevent or reduce child maltreatment, and offer tips and resources for service providers. The guide contains more than 30 assessment forms and checklists, many of which are ready to photocopy and use, including:

  • Planned activities training checklists for playtime, mealtime, bathtime, getting dressed, and bedtime
  • An interaction skills checklist
  • A parent behavior checklist (parent version and counselor's version)
  • A health recording chart
  • Parent-Child Interaction Staff Training Quizzes and Answers.

To purchase a copy, contact:

Guilford Publications, Inc.
72 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012-9902
Phone: 800-365-7006 or 212-431-9800
Fax: 212-966-6708