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February/March 2002Vol. 3, No. 2Parenting and the Child's World: Influences on Academic, Intellectual, and Social-Emotional Developm

Borkowski, J. G. (Editor). Bristol-Power, Marie (Editor). Ramey, Sharon Landesman (Editor). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., Mahwah, NJ. 403 pp. $89.95. Hardcover.

The 39 contributors to this volume describe when, where, and how parenting matters, as well as the major antecedents and moderators of effective parenting. Chapters focus on the major conceptual issues and empirical approaches that underlie the understanding of the importance of parenting for child development in academics, their socio-emotional well being, and avoidance of risk-taking behaviors. There are multiple sources of influence on children's development, including parenting behavior, family resources, genetic and other biological factors, as well as social influences from peers, teachers, and the community at large. The authors illustrate how culture and parenting are interwoven, chart future research directions, and seek to help parents and professionals understand the implications of major research findings.

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Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc
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