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January 2002Vol. 3, No. 1Understanding Recruitment of Latino Resource Parents

An informational resource by the National Center for Resource Family Support, operated by Casey Family Programs, considers problems and possible solutions for foster care recruiters facing a shortage of Latino caregivers.

The background paper describes challenges confronting professionals who must place Latino children in out-of-home care. The paper notes that a large percentage of Latino children who enter care are part of sibling groups and speak little or no English. The paper also notes that recruiting Latino foster families is hampered by a lack of bilingual forms, caseworkers, and financial resources and by cultural misconceptions.

The background paper notes that little is known about placement issues for Latinos in general and in connection with various sub-groups of this diverse population in the United States. The paper says that further research is needed to completely understand the issues surrounding Latino children in child welfare.

The paper also offers examples of successful Latino resource family recruitment initiatives and mentions ideas for recruiting prospective adoptive parents based upon research conducted in the Mexican American community, which could also be applied to the recruitment of foster parents. Free public service announcements, offered by the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation in two Hispanic dialects and English, are described. Other ideas developed by Casey Family Programs for recruiting Latino families and for working with culturally diverse foster families are also listed.

Access a copy of "Resources on Latino Resource Parents—Recruitment" at: latino_foster_parent_recruitment.pdf. (This link is no longer available.)

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