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May 2002Vol. 3, No. 4Family Violence and Criminal Justice: A Life-Course Approach

Payne, Brian K.; Gainey, Randy R. Anderson Publishing Co., Cincinnati, OH. 2002. 367 pp. $39.95. Paperback.

Family violence has become an issue of widespread concern among social workers, psychologists, and other professionals as a major social problem. The authors examine family violence from a life-course perspective, covering child maltreatment, domestic violence, and elder abuse and neglect. They apply the definition of family violence established by the National Research Council, that "Family violence includes child and adult abuse that occurs between family members..." and consists of "acts that are physically or emotionally harmful...." The criminal justice system often cannot meet the needs of victims. Domestic violence cases are complex and the courts resolve them either informally or formally, focusing on punishing the perpetrators and treating the victims. Recommendations call for:

  • A universal standard definition of family violence
  • Increased cooperation among practitioners, and increased collaboration among disciplines
  • More integrated research efforts and broader research aims
  • Reconsideration of existing laws
  • Increased training for criminal justice officials and police officers.

Academics and criminal justice officials need to gain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of domestic violence, and develop a clearly focused victim-centered response.

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