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May 2002Vol. 3, No. 4News From the Child Welfare Training Resources (CWTR) Online Network: Issues in Domestic Violence Vi

In fiscal year 1999, C E Verifier, Inc. (a multimedia training development company) initiated the development of a program designed to meet the California State mandate that all public child welfare workers be trained on domestic violence. The Bay Area Academy subcontracted with C E Verifier to develop alternative training technology for the program. C E Verifier produced videos, participant manuals, and a patented CD-ROM-based assessment tool that provides options to verify the identity of a self-study registrant, audit his/her participation, assess mastery of learning objectives and report trainee results to management.

The program's primary goal is to educate human services professionals in any State about:

  • The interrelationship of child abuse and domestic violence
  • The impact of domestic violence on children and families
  • The role of professionals in identifying and dealing with domestic violence
  • The impact of culture on domestic violence cases.

The training program presents information from experts and practitioners working in the field of domestic violence. The program also presents the experiences and insight of persons who are dealing with or have experienced domestic violence in their lives.

The domestic violence training program focuses on five topic areas:

  • Definitions and incidence
  • Assessment
  • Safety planning
  • Intervention
  • Effect of domestic violence on children.

Each topic area is presented as a training module and includes a videotape, a written manual, and a computer-based (CD-ROM) assessment component. The manual summarizes the key points of the video, provides additional information where appropriate, and presents written exercises to apply the information. It also includes assignments that apply the information on the job. The CD-ROM assessment tool measures the individual's comprehension of the video and the written material.

This training program can be used as technology-based self-study by an individual at his or her workplace or by a trainer in a classroom. Individually, a trainee views the videotape and, throughout the module, completes training exercises in the manual. At the end of each module, the trainee completes a computerized assessment (Knowledge Check) on the CD-ROM that measures comprehension. The Knowledge Check gives immediate feedback to the trainee's incorrect responses. It provides the correct information and also shows the segment of the video where the information is presented.

In the classroom, a trainer presents all or portions of each module video. The manual provides written material suitable as handouts and exercises adaptable for small group discussion or exercises. Use of the CD-ROM Knowledge Check media is optional.

In a related activity, NASW State Chapters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Missouri are collaborating with C E Verifier, Inc. to offer this product to licensed social workers seeking self-study continuing education credit. Several other State Chapters are engaged in the approval seeking process and anticipate involvement in upcoming months.

Contact information:

Ronald E. Hill, President
C E Verifier, Inc.
1661 Bobwhite
Stow, OH 44224
Phone: 330-688-4952
Fax: 330-688-9400