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October 2002Vol. 3, No. 8New Publications on Funding and Sustainable Strategies for Child and Family Initiatives

The Finance Project has produced a series of products that provide useful information to policymakers, program developers, community leaders, and others concerned with improving the financing of education, family and children's services, and community development.

Each guide or strategy brief presents options for generating resources or for using resources effectively to fund specific programmatic needs. Each also illustrates options with examples drawn from initiatives around the country and highlights relevant considerations to assist decisionmakers who weigh the alternatives.

The series includes:

  • Thinking Broadly: Financing Strategies for Community, Child and Family Initiatives -- intended to assist policymakers, community leaders, and program developers by outlining an array of approaches to finance comprehensive community initiatives.
  • Sustaining Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Key Elements for Success -- intended to help policymakers, program developers, and other stakeholders at both State and community levels identify basic resource needs and address strategic decisions to assist them, regardless of their initiatives' programmatic focus.
  • Using the Community Reinvestment Act to Help Finance Initiatives for Children, Families and Communities -- outlines several types of activities for which lenders may receive community reinvestment act (CRA) credit and identifies important considerations for communities seeking to access CRA resources for community development initiatives.
  • Health Insurance for Small Businesses: State and Local Financing Strategies -- intended to assist policymakers, community leaders, and program developers by identifying financing strategies to help small businesses offer health coverage.

All publications are in PDF format on The Finance Project's website at Note: this link is no longer available, but information can be found on their site at