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February 2003Vol. 4, No. 1<em>Right on Course</em> Helps Teachers Understand Effects of Child Maltreatment and Trauma

An essential aspect of a teacher's job is to understand the effects of maltreatment and trauma on children and their impact on development; however, guidance around these issues is not always easy to find. A new handbook, Right on Course: How Trauma and Maltreatment Impact Children in the Classroom, and How You Can Help, can help teachers learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of maltreatment and trauma, understand the role of teachers in the child protection system, and craft classroom environments, activities, and experiences to maximize learning and facilitate the healing process.

Right on Course contains facts and statistics, real-life case studies, and question-and-answer segments. It is available for $35.00 from Civitas, a national, not-for-profit communication group benefiting children.

More information about Right on Course can be found at

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