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March 2004Vol. 5, No. 2Preventing Child Maltreatment, Youth Violence, and Domestic Violence

The Journal of Interpersonal Violence confronts the co-occurrence of three types of family violence in its recent special edition, "Finding a Common Agenda for Preventing Child Maltreatment, Youth Violence, and Domestic Violence." The five articles in this volume grew out of a series of meetings among practitioners, policy makers, and researchers who examined the commonalities among these three types of violence and looked for ways to bridge research and prevention efforts.

Articles include:

  • "Finding Common Ground in the Study of Child Maltreatment, Youth Violence, and Adult Domestic Violence" (D. Daro, J. L. Edleson, & H. Pinderhughes)
  • "Advancing Prevention Research on Child Abuse, Youth Violence, and Domestic Violence: Emerging Strategies and Issues" (N. B. Guterman)
  • "Building Community Capacity for Violence Prevention" (W. J. Sabol, C. J. Coulton, & J. E. Korbin)
  • "Informal Social Support Interventions and Their Role in Violence Prevention: An Agenda for Future Evaluation" (S. Budde & P. Schene)
  • "Engaging Community Residents to Prevent Violence" (L. K. Bowen, V. Gwiasda, & M. M. Brown)

In the Introduction, the editors set forth an overarching plan for studying child maltreatment, youth violence, and domestic violence by discussing common attributes and cross-cutting issues. They suggest that a growing interest in prevention offers unique opportunities for developing a prevention agenda that addresses all forms of family violence.

The Journal of Interpersonal Violence is available from its publisher, Sage Publications, at