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September 2004Vol. 5, No. 7Factsheets on AFCARS

The National Resource Center for Information Technology in Child Welfare (NRCITCW) recently developed and posted factsheets that offer answers to frequently asked questions regarding AFCARS (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System) Reviews. The AFCARS factsheets cover six topics related to the reviews and the collection of data:

  • Defaults that are allowed
  • Answers that an automated data system should not determine
  • Caregiver family structure (Foster Care Element 44)
  • Children with disabilities (Foster Care Elements 10-15)
  • Most recent case plan goal (Foster Care Element 43)
  • Race and Hispanic Origin

In each case, reporting errors identified during the Federal reviews, as well as possible solutions, are discussed, and information on the automation of data is provided.

The factsheets can be found on NRCITCW's website at For information on NRCITCW's AFCARS training and technical assistance, including their AFCARS Toolkit, go to (Editor's note: This link is no longer active, but you may find information from the AFCARS Toolkit under the Federal Guidance tab at