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September 2004Vol. 5, No. 7Rebuilding Attachments With Traumatized Children

Therapists working with victims of maltreatment and other forms of trauma may find a new publication from Haworth Press of interest. Rebuilding Attachments with Traumatized Children, by Richard Kagan (2004), uses attachment theory and research to frame a discussion of how to work with traumatized children to rebuild their self-esteem and hope for the future. Along with a discussion of how trauma impacts the development of positive attachments, the author includes case examples, strategies, and tips for therapists to use in their work.

A workbook, Real Life Heroes, complements the text by providing a tool for professionals and other caring adults to use with traumatized children. Designed for children ages 6 to 12, the workbook, or lifebook, helps children develop confidence and self-respect by honoring their past and preparing for their future.

The book and workbook are available from Haworth Press at