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April 2005Vol. 6, No. 3Foster Parents Video

A new video and discussion guide for foster parent training and recruitment are now available. Produced by the New York State Citizens' Coalition for Children (NYSCCC) and Photosynthesis Productions, the 20-minute video is titled "Foster Parents Speak: Crossing Bridges and Fostering Change," and it features foster parents discussing their own experiences with children in their care. Foster parents also talk about building relationships with birth families and with professionals in order to best care for the children who come into their homes.

A discussion and resource guide, now available online, is designed to accompany the video to provide a more complete training experience. The guide includes chapters on:

  • Becoming a foster parent, requirements, how to determine if someone is prepared
  • Keeping children connected with their birth family
  • Shared parenting
  • Understanding birth parents and their experiences
  • Family/child visiting
  • Finding support
  • When foster children leave
  • Advocating for children

The NYSCCC's webpage ( includes the discussion and resource guide, a script of the video, and instructions for ordering the video.