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May 2005Vol. 6, No. 4Strategies for Engaging Fathers

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) recently released the Advanced Fatherhood Training Curriculum (AFTC) package. Developed in response to feedback from practitioners asking how to engage fathers who are reluctant to get involved with their children, the AFTC is intended for individuals who have already completed NFPN's basic fatherhood training curriculum.

The training package is recommended for use with small groups. It features a 33-page manual and a brief video. Key topics include:

  • Differences in fathers' and mothers' parenting styles
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles to father involvement
  • Case examples identifying specific skills to use to engage fathers
  • A section for administrators on promoting father-friendly practice

Ordering information is available on the NFPN website at

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For more information about the NFPN basic fatherhood training curriculum, see "New Training Curriculum Helps Involve Fathers in Their Children's Lives" in the October 2003 (Training) issue of Children's Bureau Express.