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October 2005Vol. 6, No. 8Spanish Resources Featured on National Adoption Month Website

Featured on this year's National Adoption Month website are resources for Spanish-speaking families: Contestando a La Llamada: Algunos Niños tienen amigos imaginarios, otros papas imaginarios (Some children have imaginary friends, others have imaginary parents—from the Ad Council's Spanish language ads). This emphasis mirrors efforts by AdoptUsKids to make Spanish-language adoption resources more readily available and to recruit Spanish-speaking adoptive families. Included with these resources is the option for Spanish-speaking families to search the National Adoption Directory in Spanish to find information on adoption agencies, support groups, and services. Also, the "shopping cart" has been translated into Spanish to meet the needs of those customers.

The overall theme of National Adoption Month again this year is Answering the Call: You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. This theme builds on the AdoptUsKids' recruitment and retention series and the Ad Council's adoption campaign slogans. The National Adoption Month website provides recruitment resources for professionals, parents, and teachers, as well as suggested activities to help in celebrating adoption throughout the month of November. In addition, there is a toolkit to help with media events. By making these resources available well in advance of National Adoption Month, professionals will have the opportunity to plan ahead and schedule National Adoption Month activities.

Some other features of the new website include:

  • A listing of model programs for adoption from foster care
  • National Adoption Month calendars in Spanish ( and English ( that include photographs from the Spanish and English ad campaigns (PDF 3,560 KB) (Editor's note: These links are no longer active.)
  • Resources to help professionals recruit and retain foster and adoptive parents

The site went live on August 29 this year and was highlighted at the AdoptUsKids National Adoption Summit—a meeting in Washington, DC, that brought together Adoption and Foster Care Program managers, AdoptUsKids workgroup members, and national organizations to strategize about best practices in permanency planning.

Access the National Adoption Month website at