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Dec/Jan 2006Vol. 6, No. 10Guide to Future Care and Custody Planning for Children

A new monograph from the National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center (AIA) presents information and recommendations for child custody planning for parents who are terminally ill. Future care and custody planning—which is sometimes referred to as voluntary permanency planning—enables parents to designate caregivers who can assume responsibility for their children in the event that the parents die or become incapacitated. This type of planning has developed significantly in recent years, particularly in response to the HIV crisis that has left many children orphaned.

The new monograph, Guide to Future Care and Custody Planning for Children, with Recommendations for State Legislation, presents the discussions and recommendations of an expert group convened by the AIA. The monograph explores a number of approaches to planning, ranging from private documentation to more public judicial processes. Policy recommendations and a discussion of specific permanency planning tools are provided.

The publication is available from the AIA website at