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July/August 2006Vol. 7, No. 6Safety Intervention in Methamphetamine-Using Families

In response to the increasing number of methamphetamine-using families entering the child welfare system, the National Resource Center for Child Protective Services is developing a series of articles exploring workers' safety and decision-making responsibilities with families using methamphetamine.

The series of articles will provide guidance in identifying, assessing, and responding to specific behaviors or conditions, with each article addressing a specific issue related to safety assessment and intervention. The first article in the series, "Safety Intervention in Methamphetamine Using Families: A Practice Guide for Safety Decision Making and Safety Management in Child Protective Services," provides an overview to the series. It is available online: (PDF - 54 KB)

The second article in the series, "Safety Intervention During CPS Intake with Methamphetamine Using Caregivers," is also available: (PDF - 146 KB)