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March 2006Vol. 7, No. 2Updated Look for <i>Children's Bureau Express</i>

Beginning with this March issue, visitors to the Children's Bureau Express (CBX) website will find an updated layout with enhancements to help them find the information they need more quickly.

The readership of CBX has grown exponentially, increasing more than seven-fold in a little more than 3 years, to almost 14,000. Our subscribers include a broad range of child welfare professionals, including caseworkers, supervisors, administrators, academics, policymakers, advocates, and related professionals. As would be expected, they have diverse information needs, spanning the continuum from child abuse and neglect prevention and child protection, to out-of-home care and domestic and intercountry adoption.

Development of the new design was based on user feedback from a survey completed by more than 1,800 subscribers in the spring and summer of 2005. Among other findings, the survey indicated that the majority of respondents (95 percent) were satisfied with CBX, and almost half applied information from CBX to their work on a regular basis.

In light of subscribers' high satisfaction, the popular features of the CBX website were maintained and, in some cases, improved. Archived editions are still available, and users are still able to scan headlines of past issues or search by keyword for the information they need. But enhancements were made in response to customer suggestions. Visitors can:

  • Locate information more quickly. Headlines on the homepage are now accompanied by the first few lines of text from the story. The Publications section now includes a broader array of items, such as videos and toolkits, and has been renamed "Resources." Individual article titles in the Resources, On the Web, Training, and Funding sections are now visible on the homepage.
  • Navigate the site more easily. On every page there is a visual reference for current location and a visible, direct link back to the homepage.

The new look more closely mirrors the recently redesigned Children's Bureau website. While the look and some features are new, our goal remains the same: to further the mission of the Bureau to promote the safety, permanency, and well-being of children. As the number of subscribers grows, CBX will continue to refine and improve in order to support that mission and meet the information needs of child welfare professionals.

The staff of Children's Bureau Express welcome readers’ comments on the new site. Email us at