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November 2006Vol. 7, No. 8Promising Solutions for Families Dealing With Meth

Methamphetamine use has had a huge impact on the child welfare systems in many States and communities across the country. In many cases, children from methamphetamine-affected families are now being cared for by their grandparents. Generations United, a national organization dedicated to promoting programs and policies that support older people and their families, has released a new report that examines the impact of methamphetamine on families and communities.

The report, Meth and Child Welfare: Promising Solutions for Children, Their Parents, and Grandparents, presents an overview of the growth of methamphetamine use in the United States and the dangers it poses to children and families. It identifies strategies to prevent methamphetamine use, keep children safe, and help parents with addictions complete treatment. An array of promising approaches are described in seven specific areas:

  • Supporting expanded permanency options for children in foster care
  • Promoting and enhancing treatment options for families
  • Building interagency collaborations
  • Using public awareness to prevent methamphetamine use
  • Providing special supports for grandfamilies
  • Strengthening dependency courts and expanding the use of family drug courts
  • Targeting community supports in Indian Country

These approaches are illustrated with examples of programs and strategies from around the country. The report also provides a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve the child welfare system's ability to address the issues posed by both methamphetamine and other social problems.

The report is available on the Generations United website: (PDF - 2,560 KB)