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August 2007Vol. 8, No. 7Opportunities for Faith-Based and Community Groups

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Compassion Capital Fund was created to help faith-based and community groups enhance their ability to provide social services by building their capacity, diversifying their funding, and engaging other groups in effective collaboration. The Compassion Capital Fund website offers a webpage designed to help faith-based and community groups identify Federal funding opportunities. Links are organized according to topic, such as "At-Risk Youth" and "Refugees."

In keeping with its mission, the Compassion Capital Fund website also offers the Capacity Benchmarking Tool for Faith- and Community-Based Organizations. This manual is designed to help staff and board members of nonprofit organizations strengthen their organization and better fulfill their mission. The manual includes chapters on strategic planning, fundraising, and financial management, among others. It can be downloaded free of charge: (PDF - 1280 )