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Dec/Jan 2007Vol. 7, No. 9Toolkit for Resettlement and Refugee Professionals

Refugee resettlement workers and administrators now have a new resource to help them navigate the child welfare system. Refugees and the U.S. Child Welfare System: Background Information for Service Providers is an online toolkit designed to help refugee services professionals understand how the child welfare system works and how to help their clients access appropriate services. Topics include:

  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Making a child protective services (CPS) report
  • The courts and CPS
  • Child labor
  • Helping refugee clients referred to CPS
  • Building bridges between refugee services and the child welfare system

Several appendixes provide additional background information on child welfare terminology, indicators of child abuse, and a flowchart of the child welfare system.

The toolkit was written by Susan Schmidt and produced by Bridging Refugee Youth & Children's Services (BRYCS). It is available on the BRYCS website: (PDF - 324 KB)

The November issue of the BRYCS Monthly Spotlight focuses on issues addressed in the new toolkit, highlighting the positive aspects of collaboration between child welfare workers and refugee service providers:

[Editor's note: This link no longer exists.]