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October 2007Vol. 8, No. 9Web-Based Training for Future Mandated Reporters

While laws vary from State to State, most States have laws that require individuals in certain professions, especially those that come into contact with children, to report child abuse. However, training these individuals to recognize the signs and symptoms of child abuse is often lacking.

In an effort to assess the efficacy of web-based training for child abuse reporting, researchers developed an online training program on child maltreatment and reporting laws and administered it to 105 education and counseling college students in Florida. The students were tested on their knowledge before and after the self-paced tutorial.

Results show that students' knowledge increased significantly after the tutorial, and they gave high ratings to the online format. As possible future mandated reporters, the students' experiences suggest that online tutorials may be one effective way to train mandated child abuse and neglect reporters.

"Web-Based Training in Child Maltreatment for Future Mandated Reporters," by Maureen C. Kenny, was published in Child Abuse & Neglect, 31(6), and is available through Elsevier:

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