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April 2008Vol. 9, No. 3Final Rule on the National Youth in Transition Database

The final rule on the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) goes into effect on April 28, 2008, with full implementation by States due on October 1, 2010. This rule requires States to collect and report data to the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) on youth receiving independent living services and on outcomes for certain youth who are in foster care or who age out of foster care. The final rule implements the data collection requirements of the Foster Care Independence Act of 1999, which established the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program.

When fully implemented, States will report four types of information to the NYTD: services provided to youth, youth characteristics, outcomes, and basic demographics. Youth will be surveyed about outcomes related to their financial self-sufficiency, experience with homelessness, educational attainment, positive connections with adults, high-risk behavior, and access to health insurance. States will report data on youth at three specific times, including on or about each youth's 17th, 19th, and 21st birthdays.

Analysis of data from the NYTD will allow ACF to assess the impact of the Chafee Program on youth in foster care as they transition to independence.