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April 2008Vol. 9, No. 3Positive Parenting Activities for Home Visitors

Home visiting by professionals and paraprofessionals is an important component of many prevention programs for families at risk for child abuse and neglect. A new manual, Your Guide to Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships: Positive Parenting Activities for Home Visitors, offers activities that visitors can use to strengthen parenting capacity and the parent-child relationship. Each chapter focuses on a parenting competency that can be supported through specific home visiting activities. These parenting competencies are:

  • Empathy and caring
  • Coping and resilience
  • Problem solving
  • Social competence

The manual's final section describes ways that the home visitor can help parents strengthen the relationship with their children at each developmental stage, up to age 5 years.

Your Guide to Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships was written by Nadia Hall, Chaya Kulkarni, and Shauna Seneca and is available from the Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company: