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Dec/Jan 2008Vol. 8, No. 11Training for Mentoring Organizations

Health and Human Development Programs (HHD), a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts, recently began the first federally funded training and technical assistance program in the country to assist mentoring organizations in reaching out to youth in the juvenile justice or foster care system. The program helps agencies that work directly with youth identify successful mentoring programs and determine how to expand those programs to reach court-involved youth.

Through extensive training and technical assistance and by developing products and services for national use, the program provides each site with up-to-date research and innovative practices geared toward the experiences and needs of these youth. HHD's Technical Assistance and Training Program for Mentoring System Involved Youth (T&TA Program) supports four demonstration sites working to enhance their mentoring programs by addressing the needs of these high-risk youth. The project is conducted in partnership with Aftercare for Indiana Through Mentoring and funded by the Federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.