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February 2008Vol. 9, No. 1New Video Helps Prepare Children for Court

A new video, "Home Court Advantage," is an animated, interactive, instructional DVD designed to put children at ease when facing a court appearance. The primary audience for the video is child sexual abuse victims who may have to appear in court to testify against their abusers. Nonoffending family members or guardians of the child victim may also benefit from the DVD. Additionally, court officials, therapists, social workers, victims' advocates, and courtroom participants may utilize this DVD to help prepare children for court testimony.

The video's objective is to alleviate the anxiety associated with appearing in court by providing a child-focused virtual tour of a courtroom. During this tour, the child receives a brief introduction to the various people he or she may encounter during the trial and, through the words of the courtroom participants themselves, an explanation of why each one is there and what they will be doing.

The video was developed by Tec-Masters, Inc., in conjunction with the National Children's Advocacy Center. Ordering information is available on the NCAC website: