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Dec/Jan 2009Vol. 9, No. 10Establishing Tribal Court CASA Boards and Advisory Committees

Court-appointed special advocate (CASA) programs and advisory committees developed for Tribal courts have proven to be effective mechanisms for advocacy in child abuse and neglect proceedings involving Native American children. Tribal Court CASA programs train community members to be advocates for child victims of abuse and neglect in both State and Tribal courts.

The National CASA Association has published a manual defining the primary functions and responsibilities of both the boards of directors and advisory committees of these programs. The manual outlines core roles, responsibilities, and relationships that will assist a Tribal Court CASA board, advisory committee, and staff in maintaining these programs. Tribal political issues, potential conflicts, and liability also are addressed. The guide's appendices include samples from local Tribal Court CASA programs and the National CASA Association, as well as a list of assessment tools.

The guide can be downloaded from the National CASA Association's website: (719 - KB)