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February 2009Vol. 10, No. 1Using Technology to Improve Child Welfare

The technology blitz of the past decade offers many new possibilities to child welfare professionals in a variety of areas, including day-to-day practice with families, tracking and evaluating data, training, and collaboration. A recent issue of the journal Child Maltreatment focuses exclusively on how technology can be used in child maltreatment prevention, intervention, and research. The 11 articles examine technologies from cell phones to the Internet to telemedicine.

Several articles focus on the use of simple technologies to promote child abuse prevention and help parents refrain from dysfunctional parenting practices:

  • "Cell Phones and the Measurement of Child Neglect: The Validity of the Parent-Child Activities Interview" (Jennifer Burke Lefever et al.)
  • "Expanding the Reach of Preventive Interventions: Development of an Internet-Based Training for Parents of Infants" (Edward G. Feil et al.)
  • "Txt u ltr: Using Cellular Phone Technology to Enhance a Parenting Intervention for Families at Risk of Neglect" (Kathryn M. Bigelow, Judith J. Carta, and Jennifer Burke Lefever)
  • "Parent-Focused Child Maltreatment Prevention: Improving Assessment, Intervention, and Dissemination With Technology" (Shannon Self-Brown and Daniel J. Whitaker)

Free article abstracts and full-text articles (for purchase) from this special issue of Child Maltreatment, Volume 13(4), are available on the Sage Publications website: