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June 2009Vol. 10, No. 5KIDS COUNT Data Center Offers Community Data

Detailed, county-by-county information on the health and well-being of children and families is now available from the KIDS COUNT Data Center. By incorporating information that was formerly in the Community-Level Information on Kids (CLIKS) site, the Data Center offers data for States, cities, counties, and school districts. Users can find most of the CLIKS data in the “Data By State” section of the site. For instance, by clicking on a particular State, users can then access Community Profiles within that State, often choosing among other geographic breakdowns, including counties, cities, municipalities, and more.

KIDS COUNT is a national and State-by-State project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation to track the status of children in the United States. The project uses the best available data to measure the educational, social, economic, and physical well-being of children to provide policymakers and citizens with benchmarks of child well-being as a means of supporting local, State, and national discussions of ways to secure better futures for all children. The Foundation also funds a national network of State-level KIDS COUNT projects that provide a more detailed, county-by-county picture of the condition of children.

The KIDS COUNT Data Center can be accessed on the Internet: