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November 2009Vol. 10, No. 9Postadoption Support Guide

Adoptive families often need help and support to ease the adoption transition for their child and family and, sometimes, to address issues specific to their adoption situation. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has produced a new guide, A Step-by-Step Guide to Post-Adoption, to help parents identify and find the resources they need. The guide stresses that postadoption challenges are normal and that the adoption process does not end at finalization but should include ongoing support.

The guide answers four questions:

  • What are postadoption resources?
  • How can parents prepare for the adoption?
  • How can parents find and select postadoption resource providers?
  • How can parents advocate to create new postadoption resources in their community?

The guide ends with a list of national resources and contact information.

Download the guide from the Dave Thomas Foundation website: (4,106 KB)

Or, order a free copy through the Foundation website: