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April 2010Vol. 11, No. 3CDC Hosts Parent Portal for Healthy, Safe Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched Parent Portal, an encyclopedic website with links to information from all areas of CDC. "The portal is a source for credible, accurate information in helping parents raise healthy kids and provide a safe home and community," according to the CDC.

Some of the many sections hold information about pregnancy, children's topics by age range, and issues of concern to parents arranged in alphabetical order. The widely varied topics include autism signs, body piercing, lice, school violence, and travel vaccinations.

Another section has information on topics targeted to health-care professionals and researchers, including subjects such as child abuse prevention, a brain injury toolkit for physicians, a parent training guide, and information on the effects of childhood stress.

Quick links go to developmental milestones and safety in the home, among other subjects. Other resources list product recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts.

Users can subscribe to receive email updates and RSS feeds. Podcasts are also accessible. Visit the portal on the CDC site:

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