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Dec/Jan 2010Vol. 10, No. 10The Future of Children Focuses on Prevention

The Fall 2009 issue of The Future of Children presents some of the latest available research on evidence-based policies and programs designed to prevent child maltreatment. Contributors examine how insights into risk factors for maltreatment can help target prevention efforts. Articles assess the effectiveness of communitywide interventions, parenting programs, home visiting, drug and alcohol treatment, and educational programs on sexual abuse for preventing maltreatment. Articles include the following:

  • "Progress Toward a Prevention Perspective" (Matthew W. Stagner and Jiffy Lansing)
  • "Epidemiological Perspectives on Maltreatment Prevention" (Fred Wulczyn)
  • "Creating Community Responsibility for Child Protection: Possibilities and Challenges" (Deborah A. Daro and Kenneth A. Dodge)
  • "Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect With Parent Training: Evidence and Opportunities" (Richard P. Barth)
  • "The Role of Home-Visiting Programs in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect" (Kimberly S. Howard and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn)
  • "Prevention and Drug Treatment" (Mark F. Testa and Brenda Smith)
  • "The Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse" (David Finkelhor)
  • "Prevention and the Child Protection System" (Jane Waldfogel)

This issue of the journal focuses on prevention as the key to reducing child maltreatment and its long-term costs—in adverse effects on children's health and development and in the expensive social and legal services required to rectify those effects.

The Future of Children is available for free download: