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July/August 2011Vol. 12, No. 6Examining the Well-Being of Immigrant Children

The latest issue of The Future of Children focuses on immigrant children living in the United States and efforts to improve the well-being of these youth, who are the fastest-growing population group in the country. Family arrangements for children, immigrants' role in welfare programs, and education and demographic trends are examined in the articles, among other issues.

Articles in the journal include:

  • "Immigrant Children: Introducing the Issue" by Marta Tienda and Ron Haskins
  • "Demography of Immigrant Youth: Past, Present, and Future" by Jeffrey S. Passel
  • "The Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants" by Nancy S. Landale, Kevin J. A. Thomas, and Jennifer Van Hook
  • "Early Care and Education for Children in Immigrant Families" by Lynn A. Karoly and Gabriella C. Gonzalez
  • "K-12 Educational Outcomes of Immigrant Youth" by Robert Crosnoe and Ruth N. Lopez Turley
  • "The Physical and Psychological Well-Being of Immigrant Children" by Krista M. Perreira and India J. Ornelas
  • "The Adaptation of Migrant Children" by Alejandro Portes and Alejandro Rivas
  • "Poverty and Program Participation among Immigrant Children" by George J. Borjas

The Future of Children: Immigrant Children, Vol. 21, spring 2011, can be downloaded for free from The Future of Children website: (1.3 MB)

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