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August 2012Vol. 13, No. 7Statewide Linkages Toolkit

Linkages, a services coordination partnership between Child Welfare Services (CWS) and CalWORKs, provides prevention and intervention services to families facing poverty and child maltreatment. CWS and CalWORKS worked with several partners across the child welfare continuum to create the Statewide Linkages Toolkit.

This resource is a collection of seven toolkits that were gathered based on the "ingredients" deemed necessary to conduct successful service coordination. Each toolkit includes recommendations, guidelines, and tips on how to establish, upgrade, or maintain Linkages in a county. Samples and success stories from operational counties are also included. The seven toolkits include the following:

  • Definitional Toolkit
  • Assessment & Planning Toolkit
  • Training Toolkit
  • Evaluation Toolkit
  • Communication Toolkit
  • Fiscal Toolkit
  • Sustainability Toolkit

Linkages suggests that counties interested in adopting a Linkages service approach begin with the Definitional Toolkit and proceed in order. This resource is the result of collaboration among CWS, CalWorks, Hay Consulting, Harder + Co. Community Research, the Child and Family Policy Institute of California (CFPIC), Cal SWEC, Regional Training Academies, Renee Wessels & Associates, and Glenn Freitas.

For more information, visit the CFPIC website: