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February 2012Vol. 13, No. 1Trauma Across the Spectrum of Experience

The Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma published a special two-part issue in 2011 focusing on child and adolescent trauma across the spectrum of experience.

The first volume, Child and Adolescent Trauma Across the Spectrum of Experience: Interpersonal and Ecological Factor, begins with Erna Olafson's "Child Sexual Abuse: Demography, Impact, and Interventions." This article focuses on the interpersonal aspect of trauma as it relates to child sexual abuse (CSA), the diversity of actions and behaviors that constitute CSA and the resulting effects or outcomes, and the correlation between CSA and polyvictimization.

Child and Adolescent Trauma across the Spectrum of Experience: Underserved Populations and Emotional Abuse, the second volume, draws attention to the less obvious and nonphysical traumas and their outcomes, such as psychological or cognitive effects of exposure to war, violence, or racism.

"Racial Trauma in the Lives of Black Children and Adolescents: Challenges and Clinical Implications," by Maryam Jernigan and Jessica Daniel, explores the developmental effects of racism, a topic rarely included in trauma-centric literature or analysis. The authors explore the developmental implications of racial trauma in a scholastic setting.

These articles and more appear in the May 2011 Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma (Volume 4, Issues 1 and 2) and can be viewed or purchased here: