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December 2013Vol. 14, No. 9NCWWI Leadership Toolkit

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) developed a toolkit for child welfare professionals to help them enrich their leadership skills and competencies and learn ways to better apply them in their work. The toolkit can be used as an aid by and for professionals at many levels, and it provides an overview of how different audiences could benefit from its use. Based on NCWWI's Leadership Competency Model, the kit offers a visual representation of the model and explains the five domains that make up its competency framework:

  • Leading change
  • Leading people
  • Leading for results
  • Leading in context
  • Fundamental competencies

The activities and worksheets included in the toolkit are organized according to these five domains. Each domain features definitions of competencies that the activities are meant to promote, and each activity indicates the level of professional for which it is most relevant. However, the toolkit offers much flexibility. Users can generate individualized leadership development plans by choosing activities that focus on the domains and competencies they find most relevant to their needs, and the toolkit provides guidance for how it should be used to the best advantage of each audience. This includes a template and example for creating a leadership development plan and a postactivity reflection journal with questions to help the user focus on what was learned in each activity and whether the activity increased his or her skills and competencies.

Access Learning and Living Leadership: A Tool Kit on NCWWI's website: (2 MB)