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May 2013Vol. 14, No. 4Transition Tips for Youth, by Youth

A toolkit produced by Pathways RTC provides advice for youth from youth who have transitioned out of foster care to independent living or who are preparing to transition. The authors interviewed youth about a variety of topics, including finances, employment, health care, transportation, relationships, self-advocacy, and more.

The toolkit is divided into two sections, (1) a section with quotes from youth concerning the life areas about which they felt underprepared or uninformed prior to their transition out of care, such as "When it comes to money, I was never told...," and (2) suggestions for young people about how to succeed in transition. A list of barriers to successful transition and a list of myths and stereotypes about foster care also are provided.

The Pathways RTC program is sponsored by Portland State University's Regional Research Institute and School of Social Work. Things People Never Told Me is available on the Pathways RTC website: (905 KB)

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Pathways RTC produced a tip sheet for service providers working with transitioning youth that explores competencies necessary for transition service providers working with young people with mental health difficulties. Tips on Core Competencies for Transition Service Providers is also available on the Pathways website: (247 KB)