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December/January 2015Vol. 15, No. 11Webinar on Parental Substance Use Family Assessments

Parental substance use can have many long-lasting repercussions on a family. Families involved with child welfare that are dealing with substance use issues need an array of supports and services to overcome challenges. Child and Family Futures hosted a webinar to help professionals better assess the readiness for reunification of families in which children are in foster care while a parent receives substance use treatment.

The webinar addresses the impact that a parent's drug use can have on his or her family and on the parent-child relationship. In order to provide the most comprehensive services and ensure a proper assessment of a family's readiness for reunification, the webinar suggests that professionals from the child welfare, treatment, and court systems communicate and coordinate on case and treatment plans. The webinar also covered the importance of this collaborative team of service providers and strategies to help professionals manage a family's case, such as the following:

  • Ensuring quality family visits
  • Using evidence-based services and practices
  • Implementing communication protocols across systems

To listen to the recording and access the presentation for "So How Do You Know They Are Really Ready? Key Considerations for Assessing Families in Recovery for Reunification," visit the Child and Family Futures website at