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April 2016Vol. 17, No. 2Wyoming Resources for At-Risk Youth, Families

Resource Guide for Children Youth and Families, a handbook for community members involved with the Wyoming child welfare system, provides a broad framework of accessible community services for at-risk youth, families, and other concerned parties and community members. This guide may be used as a tool to help identify what services may be most appropriate and how they can be delivered.

The resource guide provides detailed charts that outline risk factors and common behaviors that correspond to six levels on a continuum of care; these are used to coordinate the appropriate services and level of care required by children and their families. The charts outline and filter an array of service interventions and effective behavioral models for specific populations. While the guide addresses many risk factors, behaviors, and interventions, it is recommended that additional interventions and options be considered, as circumstances may differ.

Appendices include various State resources and programs, including youth emergency services, residential facilities, sanction guidelines, risk assessment, level of care assessment, and an overview of additional services provided by the Wyoming Department of Families. 

The Resource Guide for Children Youth and Families was developed by the Juvenile Services Division of the Wyoming Department of Family Services, with assistance of the Protective Services Division of the Wyoming Department of Family Services and Wyoming Guardians ad Litem Program. It is available on the Wyoming Juvenile Services Division website at (1 MB).