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March 2017Vol. 18, No. 1Webinar Focuses on Racial Equity in the Child Welfare Workforce

The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute's "Mind the Gap" webinar series focuses on strategies for workforce development in child welfare. "Mind the Gap #9: Achieving Racial Equity Through Workforce & Organizational Change" highlights the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) and its work to advance racial equality, equity, and justice in every level of the child welfare workforce, from conducting organizational assessments to training child welfare professionals.

To achieve better outcomes for young people of color in foster care, CSSP is working to implement an antiracist approach to training child welfare organizations and agencies to ensure they work to achieve racial equity within their organizations and implement systems that reduce disproportionality and disparity for children, youth, and families. 

CSSP suggests specific pathways to becoming an antiracist organization:

  • Be prepared and competent when confronting and addressing inequities encountered in different areas of work
  • Strengthen knowledge, skills, attitudes, and individual personal competence to address inequities based on race, both internally and through the organization's external work
  • Explicitly promote racial equity in the organization's human resources department, management, and practices
  • Acknowledge the impact of structural and institutional racism and confront explicit practices that treat people differently based on race

The webinar also includes a follow-up "learning exchange" based on methods and findings from the staff of Ramsey County Community Human Service Department in Minnesota. Ramsey County created the Ramsey County Antiracism Leadership Team in 2005 to direct the department's efforts to become a multicultural and antiracist organization and eliminate cultural and racial disparities within its service offerings. 

"Mind the Gap #9: Achieving Racial Equity Through Workforce & Organizational Change" and its accompanying "learning exchange" are available at