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May 2017Vol. 18, No. 3May Is National Foster Care Month

This year's National Foster Care Month (NFCM) theme, "Empowering Caregivers, Strengthening Families," highlights the importance of identifying, developing, and supporting prospective and current foster parents and kinship caregivers. The NFCM 2017 website is dedicated to offering an array of resources and tools aimed at addressing the unique needs of children in foster care; improving placement stability; and strengthening relationships between birth families, children and youth in foster care, and child welfare agencies. The resources and tools featured in the website include the following: 

  • A Resources for Parents page designed to help parents learn more about foster care, including what to expect, tips for building positive relationships with caseworkers and their children's caregivers, and information to help them find additional help or support
  • A Resources for Foster Parents and Caregivers page that provides information on parenting children in foster care, outlines ideas for working together with the permanency team, and offers helpful links for additional support
  • A Resources for Communities page that outlines who the children involved in foster care are, provides information on how to become a foster parent, and highlights other ways to contribute to the positive development of children and youth involved with foster care
  • A Resources for Youth page that can help youth in foster care understand what to expect, provide ideas for staying involved in the permanency process, and connect youth to additional help and support
  • A Resources for Tribes page that provides ideas to help identify homes for Native children and youth, outlines ways to develop an effective Tribal child welfare system, and offers additional links to support
  • A Resources for Child Welfare Professionals page that includes information about helping child welfare agencies build the pool of families they need, using child-specific recruitment strategies to locate and engage resource families, and improving support services throughout the permanency process

The Children's Bureau, together with Child Welfare Information Gateway and other partner organizations, promotes NFCM each May and raises awareness about the important roles everyone can play in the lives of children and youth in care. Explore the 2017 NFCM microsite at