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June 2018Vol. 19, No. 5Advanced Fatherhood Training Curriculum Package

The National Family Preservation Network offers the Advanced Fatherhood Training Curriculum, a follow-up curriculum to the Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum. This training is intended for professionals who want to better engage fathers who are resistant or reluctant to getting involved with their children. This curriculum focuses on the skills needed to engage fathers as well as best practices in working with them.

The training package contains a 33-page manual featuring the following topics:

  • Differences in fathers' and mothers' communication and parenting styles
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles to father involvement
  • Helpful hints when engaging fathers
  • Case examples identifying specific skills to engage fathers
  • Section for administrators that focuses on agency policies, competency levels, and research findings that promote father-friendly practice

The training also includes a 33-minute video on best practices featuring the following:

  • Administrators' perspectives on creating a father-friendly agency
  • Success stories from practitioners on engaging and involving fathers in their children's lives
  • Insights from fathers on how they became engaged and involved with their children
  • Essays from school-age children on what their fathers mean to them

This training is recommended to be conducted in small groups to allow enough time for reflection and discussion. The materials also include a recommended format for the training.

Advanced Fatherhood Training Curriculum is available at

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