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February 2019Vol. 20, No. 1'WAKE UP! To Your Potential' Leadership Training

Be Strong Families, an organization that offers technical assistance to programs and communities to help strengthen families, has developed three leadership training courses:

  • "Wake Up! To Your Potential Orientation"—A 3-hour workshop for parents and providers that introduces the concepts and learning activities of the Wake Up! development system.
  • "Wake Up! To Your Potential: As a Person, as a Parent, as a Leader"—Three 6-hour modules for parents and providers on maximizing positive energy to direct their lives, clarifying their vision and setting and achieving their goals, and motivating and inspiring yourself and others to action.
  • "Wake Up! To Your Potential Leadership Training for Youth & Young Adults to Build the Youth Thrive Protective and Promotive Factors"—A collection of 12 experiential, 90-minute workshops for youth and young adults that mirror the adult modules and help participants prepare for adulthood, develop listening and public speaking skills, handle stress, deal with negative emotions, sustain healthy relationships, and clarify a vision for the future.

Professionals can use and share these trainings with the parents and youth in their community and help build resilience and improve leadership capacity through this multidisciplinary personal development system.

All of the trainings are available in both English and Spanish on the Be Strong Families website at