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March 2019Vol. 20, No. 2Short Film Features Rise for Youth

While the rate of incarcerated youth has fallen over the past decade, there are still over 48,000 youth residing in juvenile correctional facilities, and minorities are disproportionally represented. Brave New Films released a short film that highlights the work that RISE (Reinvesting In Supportive Environments) for Youth, a Virginia-based organization, is doing to end youth incarceration. For example, through media events and meetings with legislature, this group was instrumental in closing the Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center and reinvesting millions of dollars into community-based services as well as stopping the construction of another youth prison.

Youth can play a pivotal role in community change. RISE for Youth provides an opportunity for youth to improve their public-speaking skills and learn how to be confident in crafting and delivering their messages as advocates.

The film, "Following Their Lead: Youth in Action," is part of a series that highlights youth advocacy groups across the nation that are working on effecting change in social and political issues. Watch the film at