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April 2020Vol. 21, No. 3Connections Matter

The personal connections that children establish during their early years has a direct impact on their future outcomes. Connections Matter, a community-based organization striving to promote resilience through these connections, offers basic, whole-day, or half-day evidence-informed workshops featuring an interactive, discussion-based curriculum centering on understanding and developing meaningful, positive connections for children who have experience maltreatment and other trauma.

Connections Matter workshops are available for general professionals and education professionals. Both types of workshops provide attendees with a better understanding of the effect trauma has on brain development; concrete knowledge about adverse childhood experiences; and strategies, resources, and tools to improve connections and strengthen resilience. The education-focused workshop ties in how this understanding can affect  learning environments and a child's ability to succeed in school.

This training can be beneficial for child welfare professionals who serve families with children who have experienced trauma or other adverse childhood experiences.  

To learn more about the workshop options and to sign up, visit the Connections Matter workshop webpage.